Sintex Infra is a modern company that has embraced the best of HR practices to attract and retain the finest talent from across the country. At Sintex Infra we acknowledge that our achievements are the culmination of our people’s efforts and commitment to excellence. Hence it is our enduring quest to find the right people who will build a long term career with Sintex and grow with us. Continuous training, structured Learning and Development contributes to the professional competency growth curve of our employees. The entire organisation is driven and motivated by the difference we make to the country and its efforts in building social infrastructure for the less privileged populace across all geographies. If working to change the ground reality of India’s infrastructure excites you, if you are looking to grow professionally, work on diverse projects and cutting edge technology solutions and build a career with a company that cares for your development as an individual and professional; join Sintex Infra.


    Why Choose Us

  • VERSATILE EXPERIENCE SPIL has huge reference of satisfied clientele it has been leaders in the Prefab segment since 1975. We have over 10 lakh installations that narrate our success story.
  • DIVERSE Manufacturing Base Our manufacturing strategy are based on learning from our experience of being the extremes of “product-focused” and “process-focused” organizations, We evolved a “manufacturing mission” whereby the organization of manufacturing supports management’s needs to be customer centric organization that is to be prompt and maintaining the same quality delivery from all its manufacturing bases spread across India.
  • Superior Quality Our product quality has been assessed and accreditation have been accorded by BMTPC , CIPET , IIT Delhi , MS university and we are proud to be recognised as SUPERBRAND.