Prefab Point of Sales
Kiosks offer reliable, temporary and sturdy structures that can offer infrastructure solutions to small vendors and shop keepers to make a living. The Government too sponsors kiosks for the differently abled people to earn a living to make them self-reliant. Tea stalls, Pan shops, Milk Vending booths, Watchman Shelters etc. are some of the many utilities of prefab kiosks.

These kiosks offer units that do not take up much space and are built on a temporary basis. They are movable, easily assembled and disassembled making them highly useable in exhibitions stalls, in carnivals and in fun fairs.


  • Relocatable easily
  • Quick erection
  • Inviting designs
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Long life

    Why Choose Us

  • VERSATILE EXPERIENCE SPIL has huge reference of satisfied clientele it has been leaders in the Prefab segment since 1975. We have over 10 lakh installations that narrate our success story.
  • DIVERSE Manufacturing Base Our manufacturing strategy are based on learning from our experience of being the extremes of “product-focused” and “process-focused” organizations, We evolved a “manufacturing mission” whereby the organization of manufacturing supports management’s needs to be customer centric organization that is to be prompt and maintaining the same quality delivery from all its manufacturing bases spread across India.
  • Superior Quality Our product quality has been assessed and accreditation have been accorded by BMTPC , CIPET , IIT Delhi , MS university and we are proud to be recognised as SUPERBRAND.