Requirement for residential facilities emerge in myriad locations and situations for short durations and at times for a couple of years. They are ideal in offering solutions for accommodation in project offices, site offices and are highly suitable for any and all types of housing applications.

Such Bunk houses have been preferred by large corporates like Reliance, ONGC, HPCL, BPCL, GAIL, Hydroelectric projects, thermal projects, road infrastructure projects, large civil constructions and mega industrial undertakings.


  • It has in built facility for lifting and shifting by cranes. It has hooks designed to carry the entire load of the bunk house
  • The bunk house could have dual design of containerised office or a living module
  • It is well ventilated with sliding windows, requisite weather sheds and optional mosquito screens
  • The bunk house is secure with self locking doors with multiple locking facilities
  • The bunk house can also be elevated and has stairs to enable access
  • Long life
  • External bulbs and headlights facilities can light up the surrounding areas
  • Provision for fixing air conditioners and DG sets
  • Internal furnishings from pre-laminated PVC sections
  • Provision for modular work stations, study tables, storage racks, built in refrigerator and water coolers

    Why Choose Us

  • VERSATILE EXPERIENCE SPIL has huge reference of satisfied clientele it has been leaders in the Prefab segment since 1975. We have over 10 lakh installations that narrate our success story.
  • DIVERSE Manufacturing Base Our manufacturing strategy are based on learning from our experience of being the extremes of “product-focused” and “process-focused” organizations, We evolved a “manufacturing mission” whereby the organization of manufacturing supports management’s needs to be customer centric organization that is to be prompt and maintaining the same quality delivery from all its manufacturing bases spread across India.
  • Superior Quality Our product quality has been assessed and accreditation have been accorded by BMTPC , CIPET , IIT Delhi , MS university and we are proud to be recognised as SUPERBRAND.