Large infrastructure projects have a huge work force who need accommodation for the duration of the project implementation phase. Sintex Site Labour Camps offer the perfect solution to accommodating the scores of workers in the project site area. Each Sintex Site Labour Camp unit has modular construction that supports up to two stories (ground level plus one). It offers spacious interiors with adequate ventilation provisions that enable the entry of natural light and air circulation.

Designed for seismic zone – IV and outfitted to carry heavy equipment, these Labour Camps are built to withstand 55˚C, 100% relative humidity, heavy rainfall, saline corrosive environment and wind velocity up to 150 km/hr. It has leak proof ceiling, thermally insulated walls made from high grade sandwich panels with a PUF core.

These prefabricated Labour Camps are as suitable for erection on plain ground as they are on concrete floors. The components are all fabricated at a centralised plant and are transported to the site for easy assembling. The structure is manufactured by using insulated sandwich type panels for roof and the roof is laid over a framework of purlins fixed using suitable fasteners. Each Labour Camp has multiple doors, windows and air ventilators. It even has a kitchen corner.


  • Re locatable
  • Quick erection
  • Attractive exterior design
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Long life
  • Ideal for big infra projects like Roads, Highways, Ports, Power plants, Refineries, SEZs, Dams, Townships

    Why Choose Us

  • VERSATILE EXPERIENCE SPIL has huge reference of satisfied clientele it has been leaders in the Prefab segment since 1975. We have over 10 lakh installations that narrate our success story.
  • DIVERSE Manufacturing Base Our manufacturing strategy are based on learning from our experience of being the extremes of “product-focused” and “process-focused” organizations, We evolved a “manufacturing mission” whereby the organization of manufacturing supports management’s needs to be customer centric organization that is to be prompt and maintaining the same quality delivery from all its manufacturing bases spread across India.
  • Superior Quality Our product quality has been assessed and accreditation have been accorded by BMTPC , CIPET , IIT Delhi , MS university and we are proud to be recognised as SUPERBRAND.